About Us

Our Histroy

Hiland was founded in 2000, it mainly exports bicycles, bicycle accessories,baby stroller, children bicycles, electric vehicles bicycles and bicycle parts to overseas countries. In just two decades, Hiland people have created their own development speed. Starting from the foreign trade of bicycles, Hiland has now completed the magnificent transformation from export to manufacturing, domestic sales to brand export, products to sports ecology, which has successfully joined the first echelon of the comprehensive strength of China's bicycle industry. Hiland has won the satisfaction and trust of customers from all over the world with its high-quality products, honest and cooperative attitude, and the tireless efforts of Hiland people. At present, Hiland products are exported to nearly 70 countries and regions in the global market and it has established a stable sales channel and supply channel, with the annual export volume increasing exponentially.Hiland also pays attention to self-owned brand.

Directly from the manufacturer

You buy directly from the manufacturer, trade margins are away from middlemen, from which you directly benefit. So you buy your new bike easily and uncomplicated at the best possible. conditions.

Put heart into biycles

Bikes are personal machines, and every bike fits a different need for a different type of rider. A hiland will exceed your expectations of quality and performance. If it didn't, we wouldn't build the bike. Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Our purpose

Our purpose is clear: forward forever. Whatever your goal might be—winning a race, riding a technical trail, tackling a long weekend tour, or embarking on a new adventure—it’s exhilarating to follow that journey. And it’s not just about the achievement. It’s the pursuit. It’s the rush you feel from getting out there and doing it. And it’s the feeling of being unconstrained. At Hiland, we have created a whole universe around this idea. Our products, our stores and community are all there to support you. We’re building your dream bike right now. And we can’t wait to ride with you.